E4U 40oz ST with Bandit Design

Sale price$120.00


***** PLEASE READ *****

Color: Heather Blue

Design: Bandit

*** Due to this product being engraved we do not accept returns, exchanges and will not issue refunds, all sales are final. By purchasing you are agreeing to these terms.***

* Cup Quality: We do our best to choose the best cups available when we purchase our inventory. With that being said, please be aware that it's possible, your cup may come with imperfections from the manufacturer, as well as some lids that may not line up in a certain direction, or your desired preference. These are beyond our control since we do not manufacture the cup we just engrave them.

* Care: Even though some of our tumblers/ bottles say dishwasher safe, we advise they be hand washed, to ensure the continued quality of the design.  Do NOT use abrasives while washing, since it can cause damage to the design. Cups are NOT microwave safe

* Lid removal and tightening: When removing or tightening the cups lid, hold by the cup body or by base of the cup. Avoid using the handle when tightening or loosening the lid. Holding by the handle will cause the handle to get loose and eventually could cause the handle to break off from the cup.


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